Control System User Interface

The machine is equipped with a 7" touch screen panel which provides you a user friendly interface. You can set processing parameters, control welding and cleaning, check machine status, do function tests, switch processing mode, and control almost all aspects of the machine through the UI.

The picture below shows the main UI of the welding mode.

Welding Main UI

You can see the main welding parameters on the left side, including the laser parameters, the galvo parameters and the feeding speed. And you can see the status information of the machine on the top right corner, such as chiller, laser, etc. The buttons on the bottom right corner are for setting the machine to the READY state to start welding.

Refer to the list below for more details.

  • Process library
    To open the welding parameters library UI.
    The control system provides you a set of predefined welding parameters for different materials. For convenience, you can just pick one to use according to the workpiece, and then make some adjustments if the welding result is not as good as expected.

  • Welding mode
    To set laser output to continuous or pulse mode.

  • Laser power
    To set the laser power for welding.

  • Laser freq
    To set the signal frequency for laser modulation.

  • Laser duty
    To set the signal duty cycle for laser modulation.

  • Wobble freq
    To set the swing frequency of galvo.

  • Wobble length
    To set the sweep width on the workpiece.

  • Feeding speed
    To set the wire feeding speed for welding.

Click on the Process library button, you’ll see the welding parameters library UI, shown as below.

Material Library UI

You can choose material type on the left list, choose material thickness on the right table, and then click Export to confirm the selection.

Back to the main UI, click on the Feeding paras button, you’ll see the full parameters list of automatic feeding, shown as below.

Feeding Parameters UI

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