Connect the Automatic Feeder

  1. Open the door, take out the parts.

    Take out Parts

  2. Put the wire guide pipe through the hole on the front side of the feeder, and fix it in the holder.

    Fix the Guide Pipe

  3. Take out the wire spool locking ring, set the wire spool, and then put the ring back on.

    Set the Wire Spool 1

    Set the Wire Spool 2

  4. Remove the tip of the wire.

    Remove the Wire Tip

  5. Release the feeder.

    Release the Feeder

  6. Put the wire through the feeder.

    Put the Wire Through

  7. Lock the feeder.

    Lock the Feeder

  8. Connect the guider with the wire guide pipe.

    Connect the Guider

  9. Put the guider through the guide block, and then connect the tip.

    Put the Guider Through

  10. Adjust the guider’s position, allow the wire to go with the nozzle.

    Adjust the Guider

  11. Connect the control signal and the power cord.

    Connect the Cord

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