CypCut Basics

The CypCut software is your portal between your parts files and the laser system. We will go through the workflow and basics of CypCut in this section.


  1. Import or construct parts.
  2. Nest parts.
  3. Set technology.
  4. Check technology.
  5. Machining.

Import or Construct Parts

If you construct your parts with another CAD-system (e.g. AutoCAD), just import them into CypCut.

In File menu, click on Import, and then click on the subitem according to the format of the parts file, to import the parts.

Import Parts into Drawing Window

And then select the parts that you want to machine, right click to bring up the context menu, click on Add to Part Lib to add them to the part library for nesting.

Add to the Part Library

Or, you can import parts directly into the part library. In Nest, click on Part, and then click on Import Parts.

Import Parts into Library

You can also construct simple parts directly in CypCut, add them to the part library if you want to do nesting.

Nest Parts

In Nest, click on the button Nest, fill out the settings in the popup dialog, and then the parts will be optimally nested onto the raw material sheets.

Nesting Results Drawing

Set Technology

The cutting path will be prepared after setting technology, include initial cuts, end cuts, cooling points, micro joints, tool correction, processing sequence, laser power, cutting speed, etc.

Set Technology on A Part

Check Technology

You can simulate machining in CypCut to check technology settings.

Check Technology


Now you can start machining the parts.


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