Handheld Remote

The EV-30 laser system comes with a handheld remote in your convenience, which integrates most common functions on it, such as jogging, tracing, starting and pausing a job, etc.

Handheld Remote

With the remote, you can keep your eyes on the machine when moving the laser head, or controlling the machining process, avoid making mistakes or operation delays when switching back and forth between the software and the machine.

Button Label Function
Handheld Remote Start Start To start or resume a job.
Handheld Remote Pause Pause To pause a job.
Handheld Remote Dry Cut Dry Cut To simulate a job, without firing laser, blowing gas, and the laser head will not move down following along the sheet unless being enabled in CypCut.
Handheld Remote Stop Stop To stop a job.
Handheld Remote Frame Frame To preview the placement of the parts on the sheet before running the job. The laser head will trace the entire outline of the job.
Handheld Remote PT LOC PT LOC If the job was interrupted accidentally, such as by a power failure, you can use this function to bring the laser head back to the position where the job stopped after the laser system up running again, and press the Start button to resume the job.
Handheld Remote Back Handheld Remote Forward Back / Forward After the job was paused, you can use these functions to move the laser head backward or forward along the cutting path.
Handheld Remote Blow Blow A toggle switch to test whether the assist gas is working properly.
Handheld Remote Follow Follow A toggle switch to test whether the laser head can follow the sheet properly.
Handheld Remote Shutter Shutter A toggle switch to activate or deactivate the fiber laser’s internal main power supply. The internal main power supply must be activated before the laser being firing.
Handheld Remote Aiming Aiming A toggle switch to turns the fiber laser’s red dot pointer on and off. (On some fiber laser models, the red dot pointer is turned on and off automatically associate with the status of shutter.)
Handheld Remote Laser Laser A toggle switch to start firing laser, and stop firing laser automatically when the button is released.
Handheld Remote Up Handheld Remote Down Handheld Remote Left Handheld Remote Right / / ⇦ / ⇨ To move the laser head around the cutting bed. To make it easier to use, turn on the red dot pointer for a visual indicator of where the laser head is moving.
Handheld Remote Z Up Handheld Remote Z Down Z↑ / Z↓ To move the laser head up or down. It is usually used when doing laser head maintenance.
Handheld Remote Fast Fast Press the Fast button down first, then press the jog buttons (the Fast button can be released then) to move the laser head in a faster speed, which is set in CypCut.
Handheld Remote Step Step Press the Step button down first, then press the jog buttons (the Step button can be released then) to move the laser head in a fixed distance, which is set in CypCut.
Handheld Remote Zero Zero Fn To move the laser head back to its home position.
Handheld Remote Edge Seek Edge Seek Fn To start the edge seeking process.
Handheld Remote Fn Fn The Fn button, short form for function, is a modifier button.
Handheld Remote K1 Handheld Remote K2 Handheld Remote K3 Handheld Remote K4 Handheld Remote K5 Handheld Remote K6 K1 / K2 / K3 / K4 / K5 / K6 User defined buttons.

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