Get Prepared for the Installation

We would recommend that you get your facilities prepared before your laser system shipping. That will save a lot of time during the installation, especially for the customers who are far from our service agencies.

  1. The Recommended Footprint Configuration of the EV-30 Laser System

    The Footprint of the Laser System

    The weight of the machine is around 4500lbs, 2000kg. Precise leveling of the ground is not necessary, but it should be reasonably level and sturdy enough to support the machine well.

    The laser system comes with a 16ft, 5m power cord, prepare the electrical power interface in a reachable position according to the transformer in the footprint.

    The assist gas system should be set according to the gas cylinder in the footprint.

    The duct work should be set close to the exhaust(s) if there is such a system in your facility.

    There should be enough space to load sheets onto the cutting bed from the front and the right side of the machine.

  2. Electrical Power Requirements

    The EV-30 laser system requires 3-phase 480-volt electrical power. The overall power consumption will differ according to the laser configuration of your system.

    Laser Configuration Overall Power Consumption
    3 kW 40 kW
    6 kW 80 kW


    It is recommended that a dedicated circuit be used if available, but it is not required.

  3. Cooling Requirements

    Laser technology is such that the laser units generate a lot of excess heat and the units must be cooled for proper operation. The EV-30 laser system comes with a chiller to do this job, which needs to be filled up with appropriate water.

    Water Type Water Consumption
    Purified / Distilled 15-40 L (4-10.5 gal)


    Other types of water may corrode the pipeline inside the fiber laser, and weaken the cooling effects.


    Add antifreeze to cooling water to protect the fiber laser from freezing if the ambient temperature could be below 5°C (41°F). Otherwise, it may cause SEVERE DAMAGE to the core components of the laser.

  4. Assist Gas for Cutting

    During the laser cutting process, a laser is used as a heat source to melt or vaporize materials. To cut the materials with a high-quality edge, an assist gas blows through a cutting nozzle on the laser head. The right assist gas can improve the edge quality and can increase the cutting speeds substantially for certain materials.

    Gas Purity Pressure
    Nitrogen (N2) ≥ 99.99% 10-20 bar
    Oxygen (O2) ≥ 99.99% 2-10 bar
    Compressed Air Water free, oil free 10-20 bar


    If compressed air is used as the assist gas, make sure it is WATER FREE AND OIL FREE. Otherwise, the protective lens in the laser head will get dirty and wet, and will be broken by the laser while cutting.

  5. Operating Environment

    The EV-30 laser system should be operated in an environment with appropriate ambient temperature and humidity.

    Ambient Temperature Humidity
    10-40 °C (50-104 °F) 10-80%


    The laser system must not operate at temperatures below the respective ambient dew point.


    Use heating equipment to keep the ambient temperature of the working area where the laser is located above 0°C (32°F) if there is no antifreeze in cooling water. Generally, it is more appropriate to set the temperature above 5°C (41°F).

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