Set up the Machine

  1. Secure the machine in place.

    After positioning, secure the machine in place by screwing the leveling feet down until they are in firm contact with the ground.


    Precise leveling of the machine is not necessary, but it should be reasonably level and well-supported with roughly equal pressure on all feet.

    Secure the Machine in Place

  2. (For 6kW only) Set the Y axis drag chain and its related parts in place.

    The Y axis drag chain and its related parts are removed and put on the cutting bed during shipping.

    First, assemble the base of the Y axis drag chain on the left side of the machine, put the drag chain on it, and fix the end of the drag chain. Second, assemble the X-Y intersection part on the left end of the gantry, and fix the other end of the drag chain on it. Finally, tighten the cables, and pack up the section of the cables out of the drag chain.


    The cables are pre-set through inside the drag chain and the parts, which should be set up carefully and gently to avoid damaging the cables.

    Set the Y Axis Drag Chain

    Set the Y Axis Drag Chain

    Set the Y Axis Drag Chain

    Set the Y Axis Drag Chain

  3. Remove the gantry locking blocks.

    The gantry of the machine is locked up with three locking blocks to avoid damage during shipment. Make sure to remove them before powering on the machine.


    The machine will DAMAGE itself if the laser head starts moving while the locking blocks are still in place.


    Make sure to SAVE to all the locking blocks in case you need to move the machine in the future.

    Position of the Gantry Locking Blocks

    The Locking Block 1

    The Locking Block 2

    The Locking Block 3

    The Locking Blocks

  4. Assemble the guard rails.

    The guard rails are meant to keep people from getting too close the potentially dangerous cutting area while the machine is in operation.

    The Guard Rails

    The Guard Rails Assembled

  5. Set the pick-up drawers.

    The machine comes with two pick-up drawers, which to be placed under the front half and the rear half of the cutting bed.

    After processing, parts small enough to fit through the strip cutting bed will drop down to deep collecting bays, avoiding damage by the laser during subsequent cutting operations. They can be retrieved simply by pulling out the drawers after cutting is complete.

    Set the Pick-Up Drawers

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