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For machining a demo, a single part, or a small amount of different parts, you can just go ahead for setting and checking technology, and then machining after preparing the parts in the drawing window. But for machining a large amount or a batch of parts, you should add them to and plan them in the part library for nesting first.

Select all the parts you plan for nesting in the drawing window, right-click to bring up the context menu, select the menu command Add to Part Lib, and then select or input the count of the parts to be produced.

Add Parts to the Part Library

We have already talked about this topic and the issues you may encountered, refer to Import into the Part Library for more information.

After adding or importing parts to the part library, you will see a parts list in the tab Parts of the Nest Panel. There are three tabs in the Nest Panel, we will cover the other two in the next section.

Parts in the Nest Panel
Tabs of the Nest Panel

In the parts list, you can get a summary of every single part, i.e. geometry, code (generated automatically), bounding frame dimension, plans and remains. Click on a part to change the code or the plans.

Part Summary

There is a toolbar in the panel to help you manage the parts and do nesting.

Icon Command Function
Select All Select All Select all parts in the library.
Select None Select None Select none in the library.
Invert Selection Invert Selection Invert selection.
Delete Delete Delete the selected parts from the library.
Save Save Save the selected parts in separated files, which are named in the format of Part[part code].[ext] automatically.
Nest Nest Do nesting.
Go to the Draft Go to the Draft Switch to the draft (primary document).

Right-click on a part will bring up the context menu, you can import parts, delete parts, do nesting on the part, or save the part to an external file.

Context Menu in the Parts Panel

You can also import parts or delete all parts from the pulldown-menu Part in Nest.

Sometimes, you need to set a special technology on a specific part. Double-click on the part, the software will display it in the drawing window with its code showing at the top-left corner. You cannot do any edits on the part but set technology, e.g. change its cutting technology, set tool correction, refer to Technology in CypCut for more information.

Set Technology on A Part

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