Laser Safety

Lasers use intense beams of light to create heat and fire as a normal part of their operation, and depending on the laser, the light might not be visible to you. If the proper safety measures are ignored, you could burn or blind yourself or someone else, or start a fire that could damage or destroy the building in which the laser system is housed.


ALWAYS wear protecting glasses while doing laser processing.


DO NOT aim and fire laser on anything but the workpieces you want to process.


DO NOT leave a running laser unattended.

The visible output beam of the Laser Diode Pointer (Red Dot Pointer) is accessible to the operator. While this device employs the same technology as the familiar laser pen-pointers, like them it is potentially hazardous if its beam is directed into the eye.


DO NOT view directly into the beam of the Laser Diode Pointer (Red Dot Pointer).

Electrical Safety

The AC input power to the machine is potentially lethal and is fully contained within the cabinet.


DO NOT open any of the machine’s access panels while the unit is plugged in. Opening a panel may expose the operator to the unit’s AC input power.


DO NOT make or break any electrical connections to the machine while the unit is turned on.

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