Check Technology

After setting up technology, you’d better check the technology before starting machining, to confirm that all the technologies are applied in the right way, to get a brief summary of the machining progress, e.g. cutting length, traveling length, cutting time, traveling time, etc.

Click the button Simu in the machining panel or select the command Simulate in the menu CNC, the software will start simulating.

Start Simulation

In the section Simulate in CNC, you can drag the slider or click the button Speed Up or Speed Down to change the simulating speed.

Change Simulation Speed

The simulation function is a kind of similar to the processing sequence preview function, refer here for more information, but you can get more sense of how the laser is tracing the cutting path in the simulation. The parts processed will be shown in dark yellow, the others are waiting for processing.

And, you can get a brief summary about the machining progress when simulating in the system information window.

Check Simulation Information

Finally, if you want to stop simulating, just press the Esc key or click the button Stop Stop in the machining panel.

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