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The BF-1610 CO2 laser cutting machine, with 63″ x 39″ (1600 x 1000mm) working area, fixed working table, offers an economical solution for 60″ (1500mm) sheet material cutting and engraving of acrylics, cardboard, wood, textiles, two-color sign laminate, stone, and much more. Our laser machines are the most robust, accurate, and reliable on the market.

Visit General Purpose Laser Cutting Machines for more information.

Which laser configuration is best for me?
You should choose single laser configuration if your primary needs is processing work pieces larger than half of the working table.

Dual laser systems include two laser heads, allowing you to cut or engrave twice as much material in the same amount of time. Each laser has an independent set of laser source, optics and power supply which you can enable or disable according to processing needs. The spacing between the heads can be adjusted at any time using just a screwdriver.

130W CO2 laser is the most cost effective choice for cutting (can cut acrylic up to 1" in thickness). 150W CO2 laser is best suitable for cutting ultra-thick materials (can cut acrylic up to 1-1/4" in thickness).
What about motor options?
With servo motors from world’s leading supplier, the laser head of the BF-1610 can move very fast at extremely high resolution. A step size of just 6.25μm gives the machine a resolution of over 4000DPI. In arbitrary-direction cutting, the head can accelerate at 2 m/s2 (0.2G). The BF-1610 with high quality stepper motors sacrifices only a small amount of performance.
100% Compatible with LightBurn Software
Print Driver
Multiple Laser Cutting/Engraving Heads*
A Complete Set of Accessories
Robust, High-precision Slides
Superior Mirrors and Mirror Mounts
Note: All features marked with * depend on configurations of the laser machine.
Technical Specifications
Working Area
63″ x 39″ (1600 x 1000mm)
Can fit uncut sheets or long work pieces (along Y direction) with full pass-through capability.
Max. Workpiece Height
1-1/4″ (30mm)
Working Table*
An aluminum strip table for hard and flammable materials (acrylic, cardboard, wood, etc.), and a full-support honeycomb table suitable for soft material processing (paper and textiles).
Laser Source
CO2 Sealed Glass Laser Tube
Laser Power*
130W / 150W
Laser Configuration*
Single / Dual laser(s)
Focus Lens*
Standard 2.5″ (63.5mm), optional 4″ (101.6mm).
EagleWorks CAD/CAM and EaglePrint print driver, compatible with Windows 7/8/10. 100% support LightBurn software.
Machine/PC Connection
Operating Mode
Cutting / Engraving / Combined
Control Interface
True Color TFT LCD panel with function buttons.
Memory Capacity
Multiple job storage up to 128M.
Up to 4064 DPI.
Motion System*
Transmission with belt on advanced balanced bearing rails.
Driven by stepper / servo motors.
Air assist pump, industrial chiller and exhaust blower included.
Electrical Requirement*
220V/50Hz, single phase, up to 2.5kW~4.5kW depends on configurations.
88″ x 69″ x 44″ (2235 x 1750 x 1120mm)
Net Weight
950lb (430Kg)
Note: All specifications marked with * depend on configurations of the laser machine.
Material Compatibility
Coated Metals
EagleWorks CAD/CAM Software

Bundled CAD/CAM software coming with the customized RDCAM control system. A complete software solution for creating, editing, optimizing, and processing patterns for laser cutting and engraving.

EaglePrint Software

A print driver software which help you using the BF-1610 as a printer. You can draw anything in the software you like or are familiar with, such as CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop, even Microsoft Word, then "print" to the BF-1610 for processing.

LightBurn Software

Our BF-1610 is 100% compatible with LightBurn software. LightBurn is layout, editing, and control software for the laser, a native application written for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, and talks directly to the laser, without the use of additional software.

Laser System Manual

A complete reference book for BF-1610.

EagleWorks User Manual

A complete reference book for EagleWorks CAD/CAM software.

EaglePrint User Manual

A complete reference book for EaglePrint software.


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