The LF-6025 is a closed flat-bed fiber laser cutting machine designed for high-speed cutting of all kinds of sheet metal and offers a robust and reliable solution to extremely rapid production. With over 1.0G of acceleration from the laser head, 8′ x 20′ working area, and included nesting software, this machine allows for maximum productivity and minimal waste. The LF-6025 is available in 12kW or 20kW variants capable of cutting over 2″ of stainless steel with industry-leading speed, precision, and quality.

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Technical Specifications
Working Area
8′ x 20′ (2550 x 6050mm)
Laser Source
Fiber Laser
Laser Power*
12kW / 20kW
Max. Speed
50.4′ x 13.3′ x 7.9′ (15,350 x 4,050 x 2,400mm)
33,500lbs (15,200Kg)
Note: All specifications marked with * depend on configurations of the laser system.


Our industrial laser cutting machines are designed with user convenience and flexibility in mind. Hardware and software are integrated in a complete, ready-to-use package with many features that enhance usability and profitability.

Note: All features marked with * depend on configurations of the laser machine.

The machine is robust, durable, and provides perfect results.

The lightweight gantry, robust and durable guide rails and transmission racks, high-performance servo motors ensure that the machine can do cutting at a very high speed.

The 8′ x 20′ working area can accommodate almost all kinds of standard metal sheets, or even two or more at a time.

Maximum safety during operation thanks to the enclosed protective housing.

Do loading and unloading during cutting with the swappable working beds.

Efficient removal of flue gases and suspended particles using the multi-chamber exhausting system.

After cutting, parts small enough to fit through the strip bed will drop down to deep collecting bays, avoiding damage by the laser during subsequent cutting operations. They can be retrieved simply by pulling out the drawers after cutting is complete.

All the guide rails and transmission racks will be always kept in a good states due to the automatic lubrication system.

The machine is available in different laser powers, matching your production.

The water chiller, exhaust, voltage regulator, transformer, and a whole set of accessories are all included, as a complete, ready-to-use laser system.

The two process monitor cameras give the operator full view of both the interior and the working bed at the loading and unloading position.

The laser system are designed, engineered, and built with safety and reliability in mind.

We use electronic parts from the world’s leading suppliers and build the system to international standards. The machine will stop automatically if any unsafe condition is detected by sensors throughout the system. There is also a panic button on the panel which will immediately and completely shut down all power to the machine.

The touch control of the machine is as easy to operate as a tablet. You will learn how to work with it very quickly.

The operation of the machine is intuitive, even if you have not had much experience with laser cutting.

Cutting parameters for all materials and sheet thicknesses are stored in the machine software. Our experts have developed and intensively tested the parameters.

The smart laser head with optimized laser path and optical design can cooperate with the control system and help you get better cutting quality in a smoother process.

Collision protection for your cutting head guarantees the highest process reliability. You benefit from shorter non-productive times due to increased machine availability. In the event of collisions, damage to the cutting head is avoided.

The real-time in-head sensors detect if there is anything wrong with piercing, cutting, edge quality, states of lenses, make the cutting process reliable and smooth.

The system will guide the appropriate gas to the material in a proper pressure automatically according to the cutting technology settings.

You will get noticed and the laser will stop working if the material is not cut through and there is some laser reflected back when cutting copper and brass, avoid damage to the machine.



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