The G-1325 large format laser cutting machine, with 49″ x 98″ (1250 x 2500mm) working area, all axis transmitted by high-precision ball screws on advanced linear rails, and driven by servo motors, ideal for standard 48″ (1200mm) wide uncut sheet material, offers an economical solution for fine cutting of acrylics, wood, POM and much more. Our laser machines are the most robust, accurate, and reliable on the market.

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Technical Specifications
Working Area
4′ x 8′ (1250 x 2500mm)
Max. Workpiece Height
1-1/4″ (30mm)
Working Table
An aluminum strip table for hard and flammable materials (acrylic, cardboard, wood, etc).
Laser Source
CO2 Laser Tube
Laser Power*
150W / 300W / 500W
Laser Configuration
Single laser
Focal Lens*
Standard 3.75″ (95.25mm), optional 2.5″ (63.5mm).
EagleWorks CAD/CAM and EaglePrint print driver, compatible with Windows 7/8/10. 100% support LightBurn software.
Machine/PC Connection
Operating Mode
Control Interface
True Color TFT LCD panel with function buttons.
Memory Capacity
Multiple jobs storage up to 128M.
Motion System
Transmission with ball screws on advanced linear rails, driven by servo motors.
Air assist pump, industrial chiller and exhaust blower included.
Eletrical Requirement*
220V/50Hz, single phase, up to 6.0kW.
75″ x 142″ x 53″ (1900 x 3600 x 1350mm)
Net Weight*
2200lb (1000Kg)
Note: All specifications marked with * depend on configurations of the laser machine.



Our large format laser cutting machines are designed with user convenience and flexibility in mind. Hardware and software are integrated in a complete, ready-to-use package with many features that enhance usability and profitability.

Note: All features marked with * depend on configurations of the laser machine.

The 49″ (1250mm) working width comfortably accommodate standard 48” (1200mm) wide sheet material, while the 98” (2500mm) working length is ideal for one-pass processing of uncut sheet.

The laser machine features an aluminum strip table for hard and flammable materials (acrylic, cardboard, wood, etc). The strips are separate and removable, and you can remove some of them based on design patterns to avoid laser reflection and get a clean cut.

The open structure of the laser machine ensures easy loading and unloading of large sheet material. You can load material from the front side, or from the right side, and pick up processed parts on every corner of the working area with ease.

After cutting, parts small enough to fit through the strip table will drop down to a deep collecting bay, avoiding damage by the laser during subsequent cutting operations. They can be retrieved simply by opening the drawer after cutting is complete.

The laser head features powered up and down movement, to accommodate material with different thickness.

The laser machine offers two focal lengths of lens for use in the laser head. The 3.75” (95.25mm) lens is best for cutting material over 20mm thick, while the 2.5” (63.5mm) lens is ideal for thin material cutting and engraving. The laser head has two lens mounting positions, so the spacing from the bottom of the focus measure plate to the material is the same with both lenses.

The laser head includes an air assist assembly, and a pressure regulator installed on the frontside of the machine. A constant stream of compressed air protects the lens from dust or cutting vapor, and sweeps the cutting surface, reducing the possibility of flaming, scorching, or charring when cutting materials such as acrylic or wood.

There is a ring on the laser head, which can be rotated to adjust the spacing between the nozzle and material, independent of laser head up and down movement.

We offer two nozzles with different size for use in our laser heads. When cutting flammable material, such as cardboard or wood, you should use the small one, and reduce the spacing between the nozzle and material at the same time, to increase air pressure. When engraving or improving quality of cutting edge (e.g. cutting acrylic), you should use the big one, and increase the spacing between the nozzle and material at the same time, to reduce air pressure.

You can also adjust the nozzle’s level position to make the air flow coaxial perfectly with the laser beam, by using the four screws above the nozzle.

The laser machine is equipped with a high performance control system with a user-friendly interactive panel.

The high-resolution, true color TFT LCD panel lets you preview machine status and job details before processing. You can adjust parameters for different materials, or even run a processing simulation on the panel.

While processing, you will see real-time status information on the panel, and you can adjust parameters on the fly according to the results you are seeing.

If there is a power failure or the emergency stop is hit, all configuration and job status information is automatically saved. After the problem is cleared, cutting or engraving can resume exactly where it left off, preventing material wastage.

Embedded flash storage in the controller lets you transfer jobs to the machine by USB, Ethernet or flash drive and finish processing offline without relying on a connection to your PC.

We supply your machine with EagleWorks, a complete software solution for creating, editing, optimizing, and processing patterns for laser cutting and engraving. You can import a design from your favorite CAD or illustration program, or create an original design with the EagleWorks software. Then you can adjust the cutting/engraving order, specify the layout within the processing area of the machine, run a processing simulation, and finally control the machine directly from inside the software running on your PC.

As an alternative to using the EagleWorks software, you can run the machine directly from within your favorite CAD or illustration program using our print driver. This software makes the laser machine look to your computer as if it were just another printer, to which you can “print” from any application, including AutoCAD, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, CorelDRAW, etc.

When controlling the machine through the print driver, you use color and line thickness settings in the drawing to control the laser power (cutting vs. engraving) and the order of cutting. This allows you to easily combine cutting and engraving in a single job, for faster processing and more precise control of the laser.

Half-toned photographs and other images can be laser-engraved by “printing” directly from inside your favorite image editing software. When using software that supports both raster images and vector drawing (e.g. Adobe Illustrator, CorelDraw, etc) a simple one-step Print command can do both cutting and engraving simultaneously.

LightBurn is layout, editing, and control software for your laser cutter. With LightBurn you can:

  • Import artwork in a variety of common vector graphic and image formats (including AI, PDF, SVG, DXF, PLT, PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP)
  • Arrange, edit, and even create new vector shapes within the editor, with powerful features like offsetting, boolean operations, welding, and node editing
  • Apply settings like power, speed, number of passes, cut order, brightness & contrast, dithering mode, and much more
  • Send the result directly to your laser cutter

LightBurn is a native application written for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, and talks directly to the laser, without the use of additional software.

We provide a complete, ready-to-use package with all the necessary parts to get your machine up and running.

A high quality industrial water chiller circulates cooling water through the laser tube, ensuring continuous and stable laser output power.

A powerful exhaust blower maintains negative pressure within the entire machine enclosure, ensuring efficient extraction of dust and fumes from both above and below the work piece.

We supply all the ductwork needed to vent the machine to the outside.

Just connect it all together and you are ready to run your first job!

The laser machine features a high strength steel pipe welding frame, and a light aluminum X-axis beam without sacrificing strength, in order to ensure high speed, high precision and long-term operation.

With motors from world’s leading supplier, the laser head of the laser machines can move very fast at extremely high resolution. In arbitrary-direction cutting, the head can accelerate at 2m/s2 (0.2G).

The ball screws and linear rails used in the laser machine are thicker and stronger than in competitive models, ensuring long-term stability of the laser path. That means less downtime, more productivity, and more profit.

The laser machine comes standard with a 150-watts CO2 laser and can be fitted with up to 500-watts of power, capable of cutting over one inch of acrylic and wood.

The laser machine is equipped with top-quality, American-made optics, to provide a consistent laser beam across the entire working area. This allows the laser machines to achieve industry-leading cutting and engraving quality.

The laser beam is carried from the laser tube to the laser head by a series of mirrors, whose alignment is crucial for good performance. Our mirror mounting and adjusting system is the best in the world, designed for stability and ease of use. In most cases the machine will not require any alignment after installation, but if it goes out of calibration for any reason, three adjustment screws per mirror allow you to achieve perfect alignment with minimal frustration.

The laser machines are designed, engineered, and built with safety and reliability in mind.

We use electronic parts from the world’s leading suppliers and build the system to international standards. Sensors throughout the machine detect unsafe conditions, including laser cooling water pressure or flow failure, and so on. The machine will stop automatically if any unsafe condition is detected. There is also a panic button on the front panel which will immediately and completely shut down all power to the machine.




Our large format laser cutting machines can be used for cutting of acrylics, cardboard, wood, and much more.


Paper & Cardboard


Knife Template


Manuals, books, documents and software which help you get to know and use the laser machine.

EagleWorks CAD/CAM

Bundled CAD/CAM software coming with the customized EAGLECAM control system. A complete software solution for creating, editing, optimizing, and processing patterns for laser cutting and engraving.

EaglePrint CAM

A print driver software which help you use the laser as a printer. You can make a design in your favorite drawing software, e.g. CorelDRAW, Adobe Illustrator, AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop, even Microsoft Word, and then "print" to the laser and get the job done.

LightBurn Software

The laser machine is 100% compatible with the LightBurn software. LightBurn is layout, editing, and control software for the laser, a native application written for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux, and talks directly to the laser, without the use of additional software.

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