People are used to contact us for technical support immediately when they get in trouble with laser machines. We understand that certainly, but sometimes, slow down is the right way to speed up resolving issues.

We’ll guide you how to contact technical service efficiently here step by step.

Table of Contents

Gather Detailed Information of the Issue​

First things first, please gather detailed information of the issue as much as possible.
  • Double check the situation of the issue carefully, avoid common issues or mistakes on daily use.
  • For the kind of issues shown up in an operation progress, take short videos which can present the progress and the issue clearly.
  • For the kind of issues shown up in cutting or engraving results, take some clear pictures of the result itself, take a note of the processing parameters and gather the original design files, which we can use to repeat the processing on our test machines.

Gather General Information of the Laser Machine

Before start diagnosing the issue, we need to know the general information of your laser machine, like model type, serial number, configurations, for example, servo motors, dual laser heads, camera tracing system. Please take a note of these information.

Contact Us for Technical Support

After gathering detailed information of the issue, and general information of the laser machine, you can contact us for technical support.

We recommend contact us via email by attaching all related information in it. Then we could get a whole view of the issue, which would help us a lot on diagnosing and managing to the final solution more quickly.

Do Research and Diagnosing by Yourself

After getting technical support tickets, we’ll start working on it as soon as possible.

But as you know, everyone in every company has their own schedule on jobs. Maybe they have some higher priority jobs on hand, or just need some more time to diagnose the issue.

And most importantly, you’re on site with the laser machine, you have the best testing environment, and you’re the one who is most likely to find more useful information about the issue, even the exact cause of the issue, which will help us a lot on following diagnosing job.

So, don’t stop there after submitting the support request, start doing research and diagnosing by yourself! We have a lot of documents on troubleshooting and technical references. Please search on our website and find a guide suitable for your case to start.

Discuss with Us and Do Further Diagnosing If Necessary

In diagnosing progress, usually, we’ll contact you for more information, or help us do some tests to confirm our opinion on the issue. Please follow rules in first step, gather and feedback detailed information to us. We’ll do a better job with your help!

And, please submit more information in time if you got something new of the issue. We always appreciate your help!

Manage to the Final Solution Together with Us

Finally, we’ll manage to the final solution together. Our staff will follow up the case and help you get the machine running if there’s still something to do, like parts replacements, software updates, etc..


  1. Buen día, tengo una maquina de la marca EAGLE y con ella venia una especie de memoria que dice SUPERDOG, me gustaría saber para que sirve?


    • Buenos dias  Gustavo 
      estete va a servir para que puedas utilizar cualquier programa de diseño y mandar a imprimir directamente a tu maquina ya con este podrás utilizar la maquina como si fuera una impresora. 
      Gracias, Cualquier duda que tengas con todo gusto estamos par apoyarte.

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