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CO2 Laser Tube

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$100/pc for 100W, $150/pc for 130W/150W

Intelligent Cooling Temperature Control
The laser chiller supports following ambient temperature automatically, or sticking to a pre-set constant temperature value, according to user settings. And the front panel will show error values when there's something wrong with the chiller, helping you resolve issues.
Dual Cooling Channels
The laser chiller supports cooling one CO2 laser up to 150W, or two CO2 lasers up to 130W at the same time. You should short connect the unused channel with a pipe when cooling just one laser, otherwise, the water will spray out from the outlet.
Alarm Signal Output
The alarm signal output of the laser chiller can be connected to the laser machine, to stop it when there's a laser cooling water pressure or flow failure, etc.
Water Level Gauge
There is a water level gauge on backside of the laser chiller, indicating the level of water inside, and helping you judge if the chiller is short of water or overfilled.


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