There should be something wrong with the USB or Ethernet connection, or a configuration error of the software, if you got an error when communicating with the laser machine in RDCMarkVision. In this situation, first, please have a brief test by connecting the machine with the RDWorks software. If the laser machine can not be connected in RDWorks either, you should check out the hardware connection (and the network configuration when connecting by Ethernet), refer to USB Communication Error for more details. Otherwise, you need to reinstall RDCMarkVision with correct configurations by following steps.

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Check Out the Type of the Control Card

You can check out the type of the control card in RDWorks when the laser machine is connected. The software will show the correct type automatically in Model menu if the Enable auto option is checked, shown as below.

- Check Out the Type of the Control Card in RDWorks

Or, you can contact us for this information of your machine.

Reinstall RDCMarkVision with Correct Configurations

Uninstall RDCMarkVision first, then reinstall the software again. At the end of the installation, before click the Finish button and launch the software, choose correct type of the camera and the control card in FileSelect dialog, shown as below. That’ll help the software install the correct drivers for communicating with the camera and the control card.

- Choose Correct Type of the Camera And the Control Card


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